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    LISTEN LIVE! Donar SUBSCRIBE RADIO74 - A Christian radio broadcasting network R74 Aug 2022 Road Trip Health Talk Program R74 Stations Across the US R74 Aug 2022 Road Trip 1/3 NEWS DONATE SUBSCRIBE Call: 855-711 7474 for help to make your DONATION. THANK YOU! Join our mailing list Never miss an update Subscribe Now

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    To donate online just click here> K PLS 1510 AM- Denver is managed by and is part of the Christian radio network, RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE . This is an independent Christian ministry not sponsored, regulated or controlled by any denomination or religious organization. This ministry is financed exclusively by God as He provides through the free-will gifts and donations of listeners. Everyone serving this radio ministry is an unpaid volunteer, except for one half-time secretary. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION! 1-2-3 Ways To Donate. 1. ONLINE 2. PHONE 3. MAIL Using debit or credit Call us at 855-711 7474 Ext. 1 ​ ​ KPLS/RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE PO BOX 9797 Denver, C0 80209 Mail your check to: Donations are tax deductible. This ministry is recognized by the I.R.S. (501c3). Your tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you. Pledge your financial support on a regular, monthly basis for the whole year. Ask your bank to send a regular payment to: KPLS- RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE PO BOX 9797 Denver, CO 80209 ​ Thank you for your donation! May God bless you multiplying your gift back to you many times over!

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    WHO WE ARE ​ RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE (R74I) is an independent nonprofit radio network broadcasting educational association that provides programming via satellite and internet to a network of dozens of local radio broadcasting stations across the United States of America. RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE is an independent Christian ministry and is not sponsored, regulated or controlled by any denomination or religious organization. This ministry is financed exclusively by God as He provides through the free-will gifts and donations of listeners. There are no paid employees. Everyone serves as a volunteer. Ron Myers , President OUR MISSION is to proclaim our soon coming Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and provide Christian, health, family and character building programs to reach thinkers, movers and shakers, community leaders and decision makers, men and women in responsible positions, and the international and business communities. ABOUT OUR NAME The name RADIO 74 originally made reference to the Haute-Savoie of France, administrative department number 74. As time passed, the meaning evolved to also mean “God’s perfect 7 to the 4 corners of the earth.” And because God’s Law, the Ten Commandments are eternal and never change, the truth about the7 th day Sabbath is still found in the 4 th commandment of the Decalogue. OUR HISTORY RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE (R74I) was founded in 2000 just as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began authorizing a then new category of local radio station called Low Power FM (LPFM). Responding to God’s call to assist Christian schools and churches create local FM radio stations, R74I initially assisted some 30 local groups obtain FCC licenses and construct local LPFM radio stations. Today, R74I continues to furnish much of their programming via satellite or internet. R74I has developed into a growing network of some 70 FM stations in 26 States from Florida to Alaska, extending over six time zones from the Bahamas to Hawaii. And thousands listen across the USA, Canada, the Caribbean Islands via satellite, or through the internet via R74I’s American flagship station, KRSF, at Ridgecrest, CA. PROGRAMMING Jesus Christ is the heart and inspiration of all our programming. ​ BIBLE INSTRUCTION is firmly anchored in the Word of God. Programming is conducive to building strong families, cornerstone for the stability of any society, and includes character building programs for children and adults. R74I is “ecumenical” in the sense that its spiritual programs of quality speak to the hearts of people from many religious traditions, and particularly those of the Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish and Islamic faiths. HEALTH PRINCIPLES offer solutions to common physical and psychological difficulties, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of disease. The general public is attracted to our healthy, practical, commonsense approach to living. MUSIC is selected for its pleasant qualities… relaxing, calming, sometimes stimulating, but usually gentle and reflective. It’s an unusual blend of vocal and instrumental titles and styles. Themes are melodious, harmonious, rarely in minor keys, gently rhythmic, often rich in 7th, 9th and 13th chords. The overall effect is a sublime, warm ambiance… a sound that’s discrete, reassuring, never boring, in good family taste, and always to the glory of God. ​ RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE (R74I) takes inspiration and receives some of its programming from LifeStyle RADIO 74 (Europe) , although the two organizations are different legally and financially distinct. ​ LifeStyle RADIO 74 (Europe) has grown from one tiny 15 watt FM transmitter in 1982 to a modest network of FM and DAB+ transmitters heard in East-central France and in seven of the largest cities of Switzerland, including Geneva and Zurich. Its web listeners span the globe.

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    WEST SOUTH MIDWEST EAST SOUTHWEST Listen to RADIO 74 across Americ a's radio stations. Click on your area's label to find the station nearest you or click HERE to listen online. ​ No RADIO 74 station near you? Try Listening via Internet, TV or satellite . 1. Listen to RADIO 74 on your phone or computer! From click on Listen from the top menu or Play on the Home page. 2. Listen to RADIO 74 on your TV set If you have a 3ABN TV station in your community which has been converted to digital transmission, you'll discover RADIO 74 on one of the channels. No picture, just beautiful, inspirational sound! 3. MY SDA TV RADIO74 can also be heard through MY SDA TV. For more information on this service visit 4. Free-to-home Satellite Radio Using an inexpensive parabolic satellite antenna, you can get crystal clear reception from RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE almost everywhere across North and Central American, and the Caribbean. Radio74 broadcasts 24/7 on the Galaxy 19 satellite in your sky at 97° West. Ku-band for North America, including the Caribbean Position: 97° West Frequency: 11 842 MHz Polarity: Horizontal Symbol rate: 22 000 FEC: 3/4 It's free! No satellite subscription fees.

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